Outlining Hacks for a Research Paper - Guide

A research paper is a task that is frequently write my essay to students of school and colleges. The main purpose of a research paper is to write a detailed essay on what a student has learned from a specific topic. To write a quality research paper the writer has to form a detailed research paper outline.

What is a research paper outline?

A research paper outline is one of the most difficult tasks for the students at the high school and university level. A student needs to do thorough research before making a research paper outline. To write a quality research paper it is important to make a detailed outline related to your topic so that all information is with you before starting the final draft of the paper. The main purpose of making an outline is to collect all the information regarding the paper in one place and then using it appropriately in all sections of the research paper. A certain format should be used when writing a research paper outline so that it is easy for the writer to use this information in their final draft of the paper. I ensure that whenever I write my essay I brainstorm all the information in the form of a detailed essay writer.

Important hacks to write a quality research paper:

Developing the main argument of the paper

After selecting an appropriate topic successfully the next step to make a detailed outline is to develop and highlight the main argument of your paper. In this part of the outline, the writer has to support their arguments with evidence. The author of the paper should ensure that all the information included in the research paper is relevant and descriptive about the topic selected. They also have to discuss all the previous researches carried out on this topic to write a good literature review for the paper.

Follow the appropriate format of the research paper

The writer needs to include the following sections in their research paper. These sections include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and then the conclusion. What should be included in each of these sections is explained below:


In this part of the paper, the writer has to include the essay writing service information regarding the topic and the background of why this topic was chosen by the writer. This paragraph has to finish with a strong thesis statement that introduces the main argument by the writer.

Literature Review

This section sums up all the studies which have been previously carried out on your selected topic. The writer sometimes also mentions the literature gap of these studies and it is good to add that in your research paper.


The writer explains how the data and write my paper for the research paper were collected. The methodology section also identifies the appropriate methods which will be used to get the results of the study which the writer is carrying out.


Once the methodology is completed the results have to be discussed in this section and matched with the thesis statement of the writer. The results are compared to show whether the stance of the writer was right or wrong.


The discussion part of the outline highlights the things which have to be improved in your research. It also discusses the results that are obtained in the research and how they are connected to the topic


This section has to conclude the research paper and forming an outline of it is extremely necessary. The conclusion should restate the thesis statement and then briefly discusses all the arguments presented in the paper. Whenever I do my paper I make sure that the conclusion is catchy and the reader is paper writing service with the information provided in the paper.